Phonon and electron transport & Microdevices

Energy transform, energy transport and energy storage are three main areas of energy management systems. About energy transport, energy is usually transferred by light, sound or heat. Recently, we are interested in heat transport. Understanding the mechanism of heat transport is essential in semiconductor applications, such as nanoelectronics and energy conversion devices.

We developed our own thermal conductivity measurement system, and the research we are investigating is phonon conduction of organic and inorganic nanowires. 

Representative papers

Y. Kim et al., NPG Asia Materials 14, 33 (2022)          Nano Letters, 16, 4133 (2016)          ACS Nano, 10, 124 (2015)          Nano Letters, 15, 3273 (2015)

Nano Letters, 14, 5471 (2014)

Microelectronic devices

The interdisciplinary nature of micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) utilizes design, engineering and manufacturing expertise from a wide and diverse range of technical areas including integrated circuit fabrication technology, mechanical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering, chemistry and chemical engineering, as well as fluid engineering, optics, instrumentation and packaging.

In materials chemistry field, MEMS technology has provided a powerful foundation for understanding the fundamental mechanism of material, and resolving microstructural, nano-scale complexities. However, numerous challenges has been remained to apply MEMS devices in materials' characterization despite the maturity of MEMS technology. Current ongoing project in our group is developing novel design and technique of MEMS fabrication to investigate intrinsic characteristics of energy storage (battery), conversion (electrocatalyst) and transport materials.