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Performance Improvement of  Next Generation Li Metal Batteries
Performance Improvement of  Next Generation Li Metal Batteries

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Hwiho's work on high temperature storage of ASSBs in now published on Applied Physics Review.


Junyeob and Dongok's  work on localized high concentration electrolytes is published on Nature Communciations.


Welcome back Juwon, Danwon, Chihyun. They successfully performed in-situ Li-ion battery imaging at ALS, Berkeley.

Featured Publications

Non-fluorinated non-solvating cosolvent enabling superior performance of lithium metal negative electrode battery  

Junyeob Moon, Dong Ok Kim. et al.

Nature Communications, 2022, 13, 4538

Suppressing High-Current-Induced Phase Separation in Ni-Rich Layered Oxides by Electrochemically Manipulating Dynamic Lithium Distribution 

Hyejeong Hyun et al.

Advanced Materials, 2021, 2105337. 

Suppressed phonon conduction by geometrically induced evolution of transport characteristics from Brownian motion into Lévy flight

Youngjoon Kim  et al.

NPG Asia Materials, 2022, 14, 33. 

Redirecting Dynamic Surface Restructuring of a Layered Transition Metal Oxide Catalyst for Superior Water Oxidation 

Jian Wang. et al.

Nature Catalysis, 2021, 4, 212-222.


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